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I'm Speechless.....


On A Stage All Across The World

As you probably already have read, Maury and Jeffrey decided to leave BlissCorporation and to carry on their career outside the studios of which they have worked at for 14 years. The duo will start a whole new adventure with a new concept and a new name. It's the beginning of something new, built on the ending of something old. With the leaving of Maury and Jeffrey, Eiffel 65 also lost its heart and soul. No matter how the brand name will be used
in the future, without the two it won't be the same anymore.

To follow their decision, Eiffel 65 Rockz will go offline by the end of June. It's a necessary step to avoid that things here slowly die off, since there won't be any new updates and news pieces to post. I'd like to thank you all for your support and feedback, as it really helped me much for my motivation to work on this fansite for the past five years. It was a great time.

I keep my eyes and ears open for new projects Maury and Jeffrey will work on. It's possible that we all meet again.

But for now, it's time to say byebye


Now I will have to start another community for Maury and Jeff's new band...and I will.
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