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Survey, survey

*Date you discovered them: 1999, at the Roller Dome, they played "Blue". Hahaha . . .
*You represent: The worst state in the union, Kentucky. I would love to see them live but probably never will. *sobbles*
*Favorite Band Member (including Gabry): Maury, Maury, Maury . . .he's cute like a teddy bear, obviously very smart and sexy without being muscular. Not to mention he just looks COOL. It's the hair and the facial hair. Seriously. And the tats, the tats are cool.
*BlissCo Forum Name?:mazdamiata
*Eiffel 65 Gabry or Solo Gabry?: I enjoy many of solo Gabry's songs. And at least he seemed to have realized that bleached blonde hair color clashes with his eyebrows. *winces at the memory* Dark haired Gabry FTW!!!
*Favorite Album: It's hard to select a favorite. I love Europop with vocoder-enhanced Jeffrey, and Contact! has some fun songs on it (I don't have the album, I downloaded it but if I can find it somewhere online I will buy it), and Eiffel 65 is awesome with pretty melodies and natural-voiced Jeffrey . . .I'll have to get back to you on my favorite.
*Favorite Song: "Move Your Body" When I go cruising, I always blast this song at least once.
*Favorite Europop song:"Move Your Body", "My Console", "Another Race"
*Favorite Contact song: "Back In Time", "Lucky (In My Life"), and "Life Like Thunder"
*Favorite Eiffel 65 song: "La Mia Lente", "Non É Per Sempre", "Cosa Resterá (In A Song)"
*Favorite video: Cosa Resterá was a cool video. It was neat to see past photographs of them. Lucky (In My Life) is so cute, I love them jumping up and down and just being their silly selves. Viaggia Insieme A Me made me cry, it's such a sweet video.
*Favorite Gabry album: I'll get back to you when I buy one. *is broke*
*Favorite Gabry song: "Time to Rock". Hell yes. I love that song.
*Who's the hottest?: Aaahh, they are ALL hot! I would have to go with Maury though, he is just . . .well, let me put it this way: He's lucky he's in Turin and I'm in the USA! (Only not really, if I met him in person I wouldn't do anything X-rated to him . . .prison doesn't look fun, kthx) Jeffrey works the bald look without seeming like a skinhead, and his eyes are gorgeous. Gabry's eyebrows really set his stunning eyes off and make them look that much more intriguing. Gabry can really work thick eyebrows.
*Who's the funniest?: They are all hilarious. I'd have to say Jeffrey though. Maury is a close second (is it just me or does Maury get all the fangirls? LOL).
*Natale a Casa Deejay?: I want it =O
*Name one or two other bands the rest of us Eiffel fans should check out: Hmmm . . .*thinks really hard* I dunno, I listen to a lot of trance-y techno stuff, I don't think I can recommend anything anyone else would like . . .
Anything else?: Um . . .does anybody know what Maury's wife looks like? I've heard she's a really pretty actress but I just want to see her for myself! This probably sounds stalker-ish of me . . .but . . .I'm so curious! Whoever she is, Maury must really dig her a lot. I'm sure they are very happy together!

If you have fast Internet and listen to music on your computer often , you should check out if you haven't already. It's awesome.
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haha. Yes, dark haired Gabry all the way. His hair back in the day was....ugh.

Woooow, so Maury IS married. I've always wondered, because you see them all with wedding rings, but never hear about it! Are the others married, too? I guess they don't talk about it because they don't want to freak out the fangirls.

I've always thought that Jeff has a beautiful face. He'd look good with hair. lol.
I didn't know Jeffrey and Gabry were married, too. =O That's so sweet! I hadn't spotted a wedding ring on Jeffrey's hand because I was too busy looking for one on Maury's hand (one of my pals said that Maury had a difficult relationship with his wife? And I was hoping they wouldn't divorce each other). Now that I look closely, though, in recent photos there does appear to be a wedding ring on Jeffrey's right hand. *gushes* AWWW that is so sweet! *throws confetti for the guys formerly known as Eiffel* Psst, you know they love their fangirls regardless of their being married, lol

Yes, dark haired Gabry for the win . . .that blonde was horrid. It hurt my little eyes. ;__;

Jeff does have a great face. His eyes are so . . .wow. And he makes such funny faces.
I'm not positive they're married...but yeah, I've definitely seen wedding rings. Only it's weird because it seems like half the time they're not wearing them! And I haven't seen Gabry wear one in a long time.
I have heard about Maury's relationship, but not about Jeffrey's. Trust me though, I know a wedding ring when I see one. *is an expert at spotting them ^ ^;;*

Then I guess there is hope for Gabry fangirls! =)