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Let's get some activity in here, people! Only two or three of us ever post!

So I'm creating an E65 survey.  Post to the community with your answers, I guess.

*Date you discovered them:  Some time in '99 or '00, I heard Blue on the TV's digital music channel.
*You represent:  California!  So I never have (and probably never will ) seen them live. :(
*Favorite Band Member (including Gabry): Maury.
*BlissCo Forum Name?: I've never posted, and I only just registered about a month ago. Nor have I activated it yet.  It's Sashi, or something like that.  It's not fair that 90% of the posts are in Italian. :P
*Eiffel 65 Gabry or Solo Gabry?: I'm sad that they split up, but Gabry going solo provided us with two more CDs we probably would never have had otherwise.  And you have to admit, he's good.
*Favorite Album:  Eiffel 65.  Contact is a close second favorite.
*Favorite Song: "Living In a Bubble"
*Favorite Europop song: "Living In a Bubble" followed by "Dub In Life"
*Favorite Contact song: "Life Like Thunder"
*Favorite Eiffel 65 song: "Voglia di Dance All Night", "Quelli Che Non Hanno Eta" (I know I butchered the spelling), and "Living In My City"
*Favorite video: I really like all of their videos, because they're like great buddy films.  They just look like they're having a lot of fun filming it.  My favorite is probably Viaggia Insieme a Me, because it's really sweet and it fits the song well.  Unless you're including Gabry's Sin Pararse in the contest, because then that would win for sure.
*Favorite Gabry album: Dottor Jekyll, definitely.  The self-titled was a little too trancey for me.  Still good, though.
*Favorite Gabry song:  "Sin Pararse", "Rocksteady Beat"....and lately I'm really fond of "Butterfly".  It's creepy.
*Who's the hottest?:  Maury, followed VERY closely by Gabry.
*Who's the funniest?:  They all kinda play off each other.  I would say that Jeff seems to be the main clown, though.
*Natale a Casa Deejay?:  Will never come out in the US. :(  Someday I'll find it, though.  Maybe someday all of us will end up in a huge ebay fight over it. lol.
*Name one or two other bands the rest of us Eiffel fans should check out: Dax Riders.  They have a sound a lot like Daft Punk and Eiffel 65.  I think they're pretty hard to find, though.

Feel free to add on if you can think of anything else!

Oh, one more thing.  I think I've asked before, but does anybody have "Love Is Forever"?  I really want it, and I can't find it ANYWHERE.  BlissCo used to sell it, but I tried to buy it and the link was dead.
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