Sashi (gabrie_puente) wrote in eiffel65foreva,

Okay, I'm totally just procrastinating when I should be writing my essay...

I guess I've become one of those obsessive too-much-time-on-your-hands fans, because yesterday at work, I noticed something.  The choruses to "Now Is Forever" on Europop and "Cosa Restera" on Eiffel 65 sound IDENTICAL. 
I'll put them side by side.  Now is Forever is in bold, Cosa Restera in italics.
the past is all that’s gone,
Acqua azzurra
the future is yet to come.
o alba chiara
this moment is all our own.
Nel blu dipinto di blu
we should live this way,
Cosa resterà

Seriously, listen to the songs and you can sing the lyrics from one in the other.  It's not identical note for note, but am I the only crazy person to hear it?

Okay, now I'm going to write my essay.
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