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Who IS Eiffel 65????

OK, now I'm REALLY confused!


Quote M. Gabutti:

Hello everybody
Since this might be a hard news for many of you, is my duty and responsibility to give this info personally. ( Let’s leave easy news to P.R.s )

After a long collaboration with BlissCo, Maurizio and Gianfranco have decided to carry on their career outside the company, to better develop their new artistic and business path.

Therefore they will form a new duo together and the new album will be released shortly by Universal Italy.

For whom that might be surprised by their choice I feel the need to defend them : I think that after 14 years of close work relation with one company, anyone has the right to explore new roads , achieve new goals and collaborations.

All Blissco people and I sincerely wish them a lot of luck and many years of success for their new initiative.

I guess that Maurizio and Gianfranco will for sure provide a website and a forum for their fans to follow their work and career, and provide all the information that we do not have.

The Forum section of Eiffel65 will keep on being open on the BlissCo Forum.

Gabry , Roby and other BlissCo people might work again under the brand name Eiffel65 with new production as _soon as the Karmah songs will be completed.

For whom who’s sad….
… the end of something is just something else beginning….sometimes better that the previous one

Thank to all of you for being with us.


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