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Eiffel 65--What REALLY happened??? Part Deux

I'm back with more rantings and speculations.....

The lyrics of "On a Stage All across the World" seem to suggest that E65 are getting rather tired of fame and the hassle of touring and stuff like that...if that really IS the case, and they needed to , and I quote, "recharge their batteries", then wy didn't they just announce they were taking a hiatus for a while? Why just do it in the middle of an album? bizarre.

It is possible that Gabry got the size 12 long before we found out about it...I mean the announcement about the new album that came out before we knew of Gabry getting ousted said that Maury would be doing some back-up vocals...that never happened before. Is it possible it was because they were trying all this new "experimental" stuff b/c they KNEW Gabry would be out and gone?

...But the fact that the album release has been delayed a whole bunch of times already suggests that Gabry was booted in the middle of the album. I mean think about it...they probably delayed the album a bunch of times because Gabry left in the middle of the album and they had no clue what to do and they were scrambling to figure it out.

Whenever he left, though, I DON'T think Gabry left voluntarily, NOR do I think Jeff and Maury canned him of THEIR own accord. The announcement on said, and I quote again, "In spite of puzzlement, Gabry has agreed..." Sound to me like he really didn't want to leave. And another thing, going back to the album delay thing, I can see a CD getting delayed ONCE, but 3 or 4 times??? C'mon, that's f%&*ing ridiculous! It's like WTF???!! Like I just said before, Maury and Jeff didn't know what to do without Gabry, so they kept delaying the album to buy time till they could figure something out. (I have a feeling they STILL don't know WTF to do!)

I think some honcho at BlissCo fired Gabry for some reason. Don't ask me who it was or why they did it because your guess is as good as mine on THAT one! Or if Maury and Jeff DID get rid of Gabry "of their own accord", I think somebody else (presumably the aforementioned "honcho") who didn't want to do the dirty work put them up to it.

Then our "honcho" makes Gabry and the rest of E65 make those "statements" about trying out new musical styles and about how "this is not a trial or a war". Well what did we EXPECT them to say??? It would look pretty bad on BOTH of them if they bad-mouthed people and aired their dirty laundry in public, now wouldn't it??

I'm not saying that any of this is really what definitely happened, but it IS something to think seems this way to me.

How about YOU? What do YOU think?
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