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Eiffel 65--What REALLY happened???

This thing was announced on back in DECEMBER....


Eiffel 65 has announced on their official website, that they have chosen the songs which will be on the fourth album. To be more exact, there will be 13 tracks, 3 in Italian for the Italian release, and the others in English. One of the tracks is called "In The City" and is nothing else than "Living In My City" from the "Eiffel 65 - Eiffel 65 (Special Edition)" album but with vocals. By the end of the second week of December the audio master will be ready, that means nothing less than album FINISHED! Right after that they will move on to the art work and distribution faze and everything regarding covers, photos, video, picking the singles, plannings of international releases, and their internet site. So prepare yourself again, the Eiffel 65 story will continue early next year


This is the absolute LAST I heard anything about the new album. It was SUPPOSED to be released in in Spring/Summer 2006. But we've heard absolutely NOTHING about it...I mean when an artist releases an album, it's usually with at least a little fanfare and hype. Eiffel 65 usually releases singles like MONTHS before a new album comes out. It's EXTREMELY un-E65-like for that not to happen.... and why is that website still down for this long??? I don't know, it all just seems so the math, it just doesn't seem to add up.

That stuff about "the natural evolution of 2 careers in separate directions" or whatever the hell...yeah right! my ass! bullshit! That is AT BEST not the whole story! Worst case scenario it's TOTAL bullshit! Face it people, we just don't know the real story, and we probably never will. Our imaginations can do the best they can to reconstruct what happened but that's all it would be--a stretch of the imagination.

All we can do is wait right now...they can't hide forever.
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