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It's insanely early....

So I know we already discussed the myspace, which may or may not be fake, but it's been updated with a new song called "Elephants In Amsterdam".  I've never heard it before, so I'm wondering if it's from the new album?

Also, Living In My City is on there, so those of you who weren't lucky enough to find the latest CD can finally hear it.  I'm still dying to hear the version with LYRICS.

edit:  "Ciao ciao friends-

So lately, many error message of our official website ( or because of it having problems. It's been so crazy because a problem with the server is preventing the content from being visable from anyone trying to access it. Basically, that means the server is damaged and it will be fixed soon and a new website is in construction presently for the new album anyway. Eiffel 65 is still a band!! No break up!! We also posted an unreleased song on a MySpace Player from the Contact recording session. Check it out!!"

Just found that in the blog section.  It doesn't sound like them to me, but whatever.  Maybe it's an explanation.  And now we know where Elephants In Amsterdam is from.
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